My Story

I have always been one that loves an amazing smelling home... But have gotten frustrated over the years by expensive candles that smell great, but only if you are right next to them... And wall plug ins that are supposed to last two weeks, but barely last two days.  I was skeptical when I was intoduced to Scentsy.  I was hesitant to even try... But at the same time, with young kids and pets in the house, I was happy to consider something that would be easily turned on and off, wouldn't catch fire and wouldn't burn anyone.  Scentsy has become so much more than that to me now. 

I love how I can switch out scents in less than a minute - and have my whole house smelling amazing (not just ten feet from the burner) in a matter of minutes. The burners look great on my tables, counters and plugged in... In fact, I find myself  decorating with Scentsy occasionally.  And my family loves it too! With all the fabulous products Scentsy carries, from lotions and soaps to room sprays and car freshners, we all can enjoy wonderful, uplifting smells anywhere we go!  In fact, their kid's line in insanely popular in my house!  My kids LOVE their Scentsy Buddies and have a blast picking out the new Scent Paks to keep their rooms smelling fresh and clean.  They take their buddies everywhere!! 

Please allow me the time to introduce you to this wonderful product.  If you are already in love with Scentsy too - I'd love to spend some time going through newer scents and see if we can find something new for you.

Want to earn some free product and some half priced items?  I'd love to talk to you about setting up an in home party or a basket party - both are incredibly easy to do!!  Let's talk!! :)

Interested in joining our amazing Scentsy team? I do a couple of parties each month - and love what I do!!   The start up cost is so low for what you get - it's an easy way to get your business up and running!! Our support team is AMAZING!!  If you've ever thought about joining - let me know!  I'd love to chat!!